Young, Australian and driven. Ryan Campbell brings you a systematic approach to conquering adversity, whether achieving greatly or climbing from unimaginable depths. Incredible insights discovered on a world record breaking global expedition in a tiny airplane would be nothing compared to the lessons learned while learning to walk again as a paraplegic plane crash survivor. Good old Aussie storytelling from one of Australia’s 50 Greatest Explorers that is sure to transform your organization at your next corporate meeting or event.



Unique. Unpredictable. Uplifting. Unforgettable.

Ryan prides himself on delivering a strong message through unforgettable stories - understanding and embracing adversity can be your key to success. This is just one of a number of ‘take-home’ tools provided to each audience member that can then be used to benefit their own lives, all without having to fly the world or learn to walk again.

More than that is Ryan’s method of storing tools - the mindset toolbox. A systematic approach born in a spinal rehabilitation ward when life was all too much.

Ryan’s laid-back Aussie approach is the perfect way to provide your organization a transformational, unique and unforgettable experience.


“Ryan has a natural ability to communicate with an audience with great humility and humor. Ryan is a natural choice when looking for a speaker.”

Mark Rowe, General Manager, SAAA Australia

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Ryan helps organizations and individuals better themselves through a systematic approach to not only overcome adversity but also use those very struggles to fuel growth and success.

In today’s modern, fast-paced world, people too often find themselves trapped in the headlights, and lose perspective on what truly matters. To combat this, Ryan provides a tool box system to keep those mental pathways in check and, more importantly, introduces a new way of thinking that will leave the audience implementing new practices to better themselves every day.

Better your employees - better your organization.

Ryan imparts lessons learned through experience and a passion for bettering those around him.


Ryan’s highlights include:

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Adventurer and ‘dreamer of big things’.

At age 19, after spending two years planning, training and fundraising over a quarter of a million dollars, Ryan successfully flew solo around the world. This expedition broke the world record for the youngest pilot and first teenager to circumnavigate the globe solo in a single engine airplane. 24,000 nautical miles, 35 destinations, 15 countries and some profound life lessons.

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The boy who 'didn’t read books’ becomes an Author.

From reading airplane magazines during his High School English lessons to signing a book contract with a large Australian publisher just a few years later, Ryan began a journey that in itself was a huge personal challenge. At age 20, Ryan became a published author when ‘Born to Fly,’ the story of Ryan’s world flight, hit the shelves.

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Tested by Adversity.

Although Ryan’s world flight brought its adversity, the true test would come just two years later. A normal day at work turned into anyone’s worst nightmare. A plane crash that occurred after liftoff left Ryan in the hospital, fighting for his life. Six months of hospitalization, over a year-and-a-half in rehabilitation, and the ongoing struggles of living with a spinal injury transformed Ryan into a different person. “I may have lost out physically, but I gained mentally in ways I never knew possible.”

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Wired for more.

Enthused by the achievements of those around him, Ryan has always wanted more, driven to live life at its fullest, every day. His willingness to venture outside the box has fostered self-development and endless adventures, such as moving across the world from Australia to Tennessee, where he spends his days at work sharing this mindset with audiences across America. Ryan’s days off are spent either in the sky or driving a two-and-a-half ton pink Cadillac built nearly 35 years before he was even born. Why? Because it makes him smile.

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“Born to Fly” - Not just a book title.

Ryan takes his audience on a rollercoaster of highs and lows. From achieving a world record, shaking hands with royals, and accepting awards across the globe, to spending every day in a hospital rehabilitation facility coaching his legs back to life, all by age 23. As soon as Ryan speaks, audiences realize that although he was doing everything within his power to learn to walk again, that was not his end goal; it was merely a stepping stone on his journey back into the sky. Ryan’s journey of acceptance, drive, and willingness to adapt led him not only back into the air, but onto a whole new adventure---in six weeks, he went from having never flown a helicopter to becoming an incomplete paraplegic, commercial helicopter pilot.